McKenna's Acne Clearing Story

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McKenna’s Struggle with Acne 


Meet McKenna!  She’s a member of the Indie Band ” The Aces” and one of our clients at Skintherapy.  

McKenna thought her adult acne would never go away. 

She tried everything from antibiotics, creams, gels, prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies. None of which helped. 

Then she came to Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic!:  

In her words: 

” I have struggled with acne most of my teen and adult years.  I initially tried tons of antibiotic creams, birth controls and other really toxic medications like Accutane for about three years.  My skin would clear for a little bit but the acne always came back.  Sometimes even worse then before.  I was feeling discouraged and self conscious of my acne and really wanted to try a more holistic and healthy approach.  

 I heard about Jil and how life-changing her products and treatments were.  I have now been working with her for almost two years and I am so proud of where my skin is now.  All the hard work and consistency that is required to put in alongside Jil’s program has really paid off and I am so happy that I did not take any more harmful medications. 

Her makeup products have also been a game changer. When I’m on tour, I have to wear makeup every single night. I never break out using her products and love how they feel and look onstage.  I’m so grateful for Skintherapy and Jil’s genuine care and expertise.”  

McKenna Petty…



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