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Our Approach


At Skintherapy, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality, individualized treatment tailored to meet your unique needs. No two people are the same, and neither are their struggles with acne. Whether you’re just starting your journey to clear skin or have been fighting the battle for a long time, our team of acne experts are here to help. We have proven experience in successfully treating acne, helping you to be happier in your skin.

We understand that acne treatment involves more than a single appointment and new skincare products. We form long-term relationships with our clients, getting to know your lifestyle and assessing these factors help to customize a treatment plan. We adjust that plan as your skin adapts and improves, to ensure effectiveness over time. This individualized approach means that your skin gets clear, and will stay clear with this plan.

We know that our individualized approach to acne treatment works. We’ve helped many people achieve a clear and flawless complexion, but what we are most passionate about is watching our clients leave with a greater sense of confidence. At Skintherapy, we look forward to partnering with you on your path to new skin and, even more, a new you.


Jil Goorman – Founder of Skintherapy

At the heart of our team is the founder of Skintherapy, Jil Goorman. Actively consulted in each patient’s treatment, and donning her signature pair of eyeglasses, you can’t miss her around the office. Jill started as a Master Esthetician in 2005 and quickly learned that her true calling is helping her clients control acne. She watched people spend thousands of dollars on unsuccessful acne remedies, only to end up back where they started. Determined to find a successful solution, Jil dove headlong into studying everything she could find on what causes acne and how to control it.

In 2010, Jil added certified Acne Expert to her resume. Her training includes the study of groundbreaking skincare research by Dr. James E. Fulton Jr., M.D., Ph.D.,  Mark Lees Ph.D., LE,  Alan C. Logan ND, FRSH and Valori Treloar, MD, CNS, FAAD.  Jil incorporates these leaders research and techniques into her individualized approach treatment, an essential aspect of helping clients achieve clear and flawless skin.