We all know that concealer is a sure fix when it comes to blemishes. Luckily, Priia has an acne safe concealer that you can depend on for a quick fix with a blemish – but what do you do when you are out of concealer? Let’s go over how to cover a blemish with our favorite Priia Essential Cover Loose Mineral Foundation.
This is an extremely simple technique that really works wonders for covering up a red spot or pimple. You may even start relying on your loose powder foundation more than your concealer when a blemish pops up at the most inopportune time.
Heres what you do!
Just take your loose powder and apply it to your entire face as you normally would. (We recommend using the skin-loving flat top foundation brush from Priia!) After waiting just a few minutes for your foundation to work into your skin and start complementing your natural chemistry, take your concealer brush (check out Priia’s taklon concealer brush) and dip it into your loose powder. It’s best if you really work the minerals into the brush. Once you have a good amount of powder on your brush pat the problem area gently until the blemish is completely covered. You need to make sure not to swipe or cover any area outside of the blemish “lines.” Finally, blend the covered blemish just a bit so that you can’t tell it has been covered more than the rest of your foundation. You are all set to go! No blemish in sight!
The PRIIA Essential Cover Loose Mineral Foundation has a lot of benefits when being used as a concealer. First, since you are using the same product for both a concealer and a foundation – you wont ever have to worry about mismatched spots on your face. Women often choose concealers that are too light or dark for their skin tone and foundation, this can really botch your makeup. By using this loose powder technique, you will be sure to have an even skin tone every time you cover a blemish.
To learn more about the benefits of this technique visit priia.com. To learn how to prevent blemishes in the first place, schedule an appointment with the Skintherapy Skincare and Acne Clinic ofUtah to start fighting your blemishes and acne today.